• Yasmin (Yak) Kalliwort

The Nightmare

Ochdus 11th

The Trodder Inn, Folkscrest


Dear Mema,

I’m doing my best to stay positive, but I’m scared. There are pieces of my story I’ve been leaving out. Not because I don’t trust you, but because I can’t trust this information to a stranger. In that chest Rhogar found, there was a book. One that matched a book Launa was entrusted with before leaving her druidic home. She says each book contains part of a powerful ritual. Powerful enough to end the world as we know it. I didn’t really believe her, and besides, she says there are at least three books, and they all must be united to work. I didn’t believe her until last night.

I had a dream. I saw myself leaving home. Just like in my memories. Writing the note, taking your harp-guitar, and sneaking out the front door.

Then I came back. I followed the familiar path. No birds sang. I crested the last hill. Everything was on fire. I saw our homes, our farms, our lives, but no one. I was alone.

A haunting voice echoed in my head. He said, “This is your fate. You cannot stop me. Defeat is inevitable.”

I woke up in a cold sweat, along with everyone else. Our whole group had the same dream. Not my dream, but one of leaving home, and then returning to death and destruction. Launa grimly told us that in her dream, her book was missing. She strongly believes that they are what this mysterious voice seeks to gain. They cannot be destroyed, only guarded and kept separate.

I don’t know what gods have orchestrated this little group of ours, or what their sick purpose is for entrusting us with these books, but I’m scared. I will not abandon these people, or their ward, but I don’t know what to do. I only pray that the future I saw can be changed. I’ve never wanted to see my family this badly. I’m just so scared.


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