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Ochdus 28th - Morning

Ochdus 28th

Roadside camp

Held to send later

Dear Mema

Sorry I haven’t been keeping you up to date. I missed most of the action while in town. I was gathering rumors and legends from the townspeople. I found an old dwarf named Waruk Redstone who has many old books and stories. I’m glad I learned that spell for translating languages, I copied two dwarvish ballads into common!

In the meantime, everyone else went to visit Ergna (the town herbalist/witch) where Rhogar caused some trouble. That night they camped out at the quarry, and I stayed behind to perform. This is the last time I’m leaving the group. They fought a flock of harpys without me! Harpys are bird-women that can charm their prey. According to Rhogar, they were unclothed. Wolf did not add to the conversation, but was very red-faced and fidgety.

The next morning, we went with the guards as a group to investigate the quarry in daylight. The bodies were still laying on the ground, they were so weird! Wolf wasn’t paying attention, and I made an illusion of one behind his back. It scared him so much he tried to climb a tree! The branch broke and he landed on the ground. Our group laughed, and some of the guards snickered.

While I visited with Waruk, he told me stories about a hidden watchtower in the southernmost peak of the Cliffkeep mountains. It is rumored to have been built by the dwarf-god Moradin himself! Many young dwarves have searched the mountains looking for the tower, but none have found it. Launa and I think that maybe using magic in our search may give us an advantage over the dwarven treasure hunters. On our way up here we heard rumors of ogres in the mountains. We will have to tread carefully.

Best Wishes,


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