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Ochdus 28th evening

Ochdus 28th

Camp in clearing

Held to send later

Dear Mema

So we are still a little dazed from whatever mass hallucination that was. Chillia and Securis are the same as always; Chillia pouring over one of her spell books as she walks, and Securis offering to crush anything that moves. Launa is incredibly unperturbed at Wolf’s disappearance. She doesn’t seem too fond of his personality.

After we woke up on the road, we tried to just shake it off and keep walking. I saw some rustling in the bushes, And a shadow darted behind. I felt familiar claws on my shoulder. Reginald! I shared an apple with him as we walked. He looks so funny! Bat ears and wings, but a wide mouth with tiny little teeth. Kerdaniel did a good job putting him together.

Sometime late afternoon, I asked him if he could scout ahead for trouble. He growled and nodded yes, then dove into the bushes. A few minutes later he landed in front of me, pointed ahead of us on the path and danced? He did like a marching thing with hands on his hips, then swung an invisible club with a tiny high pitched roar. Launa and I met a glance, and started discussing with the group what to do with the ogres. We decided to first sneak around and gather information. Kai is not here so…

About ten minutes into the woods I was muttering curses to myself. Yes, lets send the smallest, least armed in the group to see how many giant club swinging beasts there are. Don’t get me wrong, it was certainly thrilling, but after our incident with the giants a few weeks back, I wish it was someone else.

It took about an hour before I heard some loud footsteps. The trees broke ahead of me to a large clearing. It looked like a large camp had been made for smaller, more human sized creatures at least a week ago. As I tried to find living creatures, I saw a large rock begin to move. It stood up to 10 feet of clumsy, ugly, smelly ogre. Two more entered the clearing. One had a deer under its arm. He skewered it whole on a sharpened tree limb and set it to roast on the fire. The tallest one yelled orders at the other two, and leaned on a tree.

After sneaking back through the woods to our group, we discussed for some time how best to take them out. Our fighters were planning to ambush them at nightfall. Launa didn’t really want to attack tonight. I kept thinking back to the first time I fought with this group. We scared off a few goblins with my minor illusion spell, and some good acting. (Launa turning into a bear scared off any left after that). Clickety has been helping with my performances too.

I interrupted Rhogar’s complaining about his inability to see in the dark, and pitched to the group a plan that was more brain than brawn.

Me and Clickety weaved carefully between trees with hardly a sound. Launa and Securis were 20 or so feet behind, followed by the rest of the group. As we came within sight of the ogres, I nodded to Clickety and he began casting. First, small tremors could be felt in the ground, then I made an illusion of a dark cloak hovering above the trees, Clickety sounded a crack of thunder, and boomed in Rhogar’s voice, echoing through the clearing “I am Silvanis! You have taken your last creature from me!” I used a shard of glass to pick some soft notes on the harp, and spectral daggers begin digging into the ogre closest to me.

All three shared a moment of stunned silence, and the two smaller ones actually started to run away! The big one growled and yelled at the other two, pointing his club at the apparition. They slowly turned back, and reluctantly started flanking us. Chillia sent a firebolt through the woods to the big one. He shrieked and roared as it hit him. He grabbed a big rock and threw it at ‘Silvanis’ as the rest of us gritted our teeth for the battle we had hoped to avoid. We centered arrow and spell fire on the leader, hoping his death would scare off the other two. He was wounded and bloody by the time their slow brains noticed the shadows in the woods. We succeeded in taking them out one at a time, but the whole battle was maybe two and a half minutes. Our team coordination is getting much better.

As night began to fall, we heard more rustling in the bushes. We all redied weapons, waiting for the next wave of fighting, arrows light on strings and spells at the very end of fingertips, twigs snapped as the figure emerged.. Wolf! He was hurt and confused thinking we left him behind. I guess he got caught in whatever magic portal we were caught in. He followed our scent from where we woke up to here. I don’t think anyone was very relieved to see him. I feel like there is more to his story that needs to be learned.

Good night and

Best Wishes,


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