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Ochdus 27 - Clickety’s Journal

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Ochdus 27 - Clickety’s Journal - Written from The Drunken Goat

This morning we went out to help Rhogar find flowers for his apology to Ergna. Launa, Wolf, he, and I left right after breakfast. The dog-man’s stick Zero was not fond of the idea of flower-picking but had no say in the matter.

Rhogar decided that he would search for primrose, so we searched all morning. Our search only yielded 6 of the hard-to-find flowers.

We knocked at the door to Ergna’s hut for a while before we heard her clearing her throat behind us, making us jump.

She invited us all in, and also seemed grateful for the gift of my harpy tooth.

Rhogar gifted her with the primroses and she told him he’d only need to give her one more thing. One more thing.

Rhogar had set us up. He’d visited Ergna when he’d stayed home sick and had apparently struck some sort of deal with her for the ring. The one more thing he had to give her was a small vial of his blood. And that was that. She just gave him the ring. The ring that had caused so much trouble. What kind of a deal had he struck?

We met Yak back at the Drunken Goat. Chillia and Securis had left a note saying that they had left to scout out the mountains, and not to worry about them.

Rhogar and I decided that we’d go out hunting. I don’t remember anything about hunting, but I seem to have a knack for any sort of nature stuff, and I could cast my Guidance cantrip in order to help Rhogar hunt anyways. We bagged six rabbits, five squirrels, and a hawk. We also shot a doe. Rhogar just took some of the better meat from it. I decided to take the hooves, to add a piece of hoof to my memory necklace. My first time hunting since meeting with my flock.

I spent the night helping out Yak with her performance using my Thaumaturgy. I made the fire’s color dance and dim and brighten in time with her music. In between, I’d work on carving up a chunk of the hooves. It only took a couple of times to get a piece adequate for my necklace.

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