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Ochdus 26 - Clickety’s Journal

Ochdus 26 - Clickety’s Journal - Written from The Drunken Goat We started the day off pretty normally. We all gathered around for breakfast and caught Yak up on everything that had happened last night, then sat around waiting for Riff to come and fetch us. We decided we’d visit Woric Redstone the dwarf for a short while while we were waiting. Wolf, of course, asked him about the stick. He said he didn’t know anything, but that he might be further ahead asking the blacksmith, as the stick was made of metal. Yak and Securis had visited Woric earlier in the week and were given large mugs of beer. We weren’t given beer this time. Disappointing. We headed back to the Drunken Goat to meet up with Riff. Rhogar, who was feeling a bit sick, went to bed. But the rest of us go out to where we’d encountered the harpies. We were accompanied by Riff- of course- and 9 other guards. We made it back to the clearing without any problems. Wolf did not seem to like seeing the naked bird-lady corpses in the daylight. His face flushed red. I gave my grapple to him to throw up the cliff. I just don’t have the arms for that sort of thing. It took him three tries to finally get it up to the top. Securis took a grapple and threw it straight up, got it first try. We climbed up to the top of the cliff to find another clearing, filled with bones. There were three nest-looking things filled with bones too. And a rotting corpse that was quite mangled, but appeared to be human. We ended up finding another corpse, this one slightly more recent and belonging to either a small human or a dwarf. I could see Yak casting a spell out of the corner of my eye. What was she up to?

Suddenly, a harpy appeared behind Wolf! It was an illusion cast by Yak, of course, but Wolf hadn’t seen her cast the spell as everyone else had. He took off running across the clearing, taking a leap up a nearby tree. The branch he grabbed snapped, sending him careening into the ground. I hurried over and did my best to reassure him. I’m not quite sure what made Yak do that. This flock’s dynamic is quite odd. I retrieved four harpy teeth from the clearing at the bottom of the cliff on our way back. We caught Rhogar up on all of the shenanigans that had happened and I went off to my room. I’ve decided that I’d begin adding memories to my necklace, as well as to my journal. It took three out of my four teeth, but I finally managed to put a hole through the tooth that I could thread my necklace through. This left me with one leftover harpy tooth, which I decided I may try to gift to Ergna. Some sort of peace offering maybe? I wasn’t sure if they had any sort of magical properties or anything. Hopefully, she’ll like my gift.

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