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Ochdus 25 part 4 - Clickity’s Journal

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Ochdus 25 part 4 - Clickity’s Journal - Written from The Drunken Goat

We held a defensive position in the clearing for a short while while the two remaining harpies rained a barrage of sticks and stones down onto us. We quickly decided to leave after one conked me on the head, knocking me over. We gathered our torches and wrapped a whole harpy corpse in my spare cloak, then headed back the direction we came.

We arrived back at the quarry at around 1 in the morning, so I suppose it’s Ochdus 26th now. Oh well. Chillia could see one of the harpies following us at a distance, but it left us alone.

We reached Greystone without any difficulty, just to find the gate locked. Rhogar pounded on it, bringing a sleepy guard to the hatch. He recognized Rhogar and the rest of us from around town- we were hard to miss. He asked what business we had coming into town this late at night. Securis responded simply by yanking my cloak off of our harpy corpse. The guard stared at it for a few seconds before dashing away from the opening in the gate, vanishing.

A good 15 or 20 minutes passed before we heard a commotion behind the gate. An official-looking yet tired man came out from behind the gate, accompanied by three guards.

The official-looking one introduced himself as Riff Ontlan. He was some sort of commander in Greystone.

Towns were so weird. Why couldn’t everyone just have a flock?

We- specifically Securis again- lugged the corpse in through town and to the barracks, where Riff interrogated all of us. This took about an hour.

I returned to a locked room containing a very sleepy Yak. I knocked softly on the door, hoping for the best. She was luckily still awake- barely- and let me into the room. We’ve agreed to catch up on everything in the morning.

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