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Ochdus 25 part 3 - Clickity’s Journal

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Ochdus 25 part 3 - Clickity’s Journal - Written from Our Campsite in the Clearing

Well, it’s been quite an eventful night so far. After about an hour after sundown, Rhogar brought up just going back to town. It was suggested to send Wolf first, to see if anyone would try to kidnap him. We figured Wolf could fend for himself.

To clarify, the dog-man was overly enthusiastic to be sent off first, we were not forcing him to do anything. He took off running towards town, and we followed along afterward. Chillia, with her dark vision, barely had him in sight.

After a few minutes of walking, we heard a beautiful song from somewhere off the path. I can’t quite explain it, but I just felt that I had to follow it.

The urge only lasted a few seconds before I shook it off with a ruffle of my feathers. Wolf was the only one still in the trance and kept walking off into the woods, we hurried after him.

We had been walking for maybe half an hour when another song came from somewhere off in the woods. Chillia was briefly captured by the song’s spell, but Rhogar smacked her out of it and we continued to follow Wolf.

About ten minutes later Chillia told us quietly that there was a clearing up ahead. We walked into it quietly. Rhogar smacked the dog-man, hoping to break the spell. It didn’t work.

Suddenly, ear-splitting screeches sounded out from the cliffs above us. Two creatures flew down and attacked Chillia and Securis, who were in the front, leading us with their dark vision. Wolf was off to the right. Chillia launched magic missiles at the beast in front of her, while Rhogar rushed to aide Securis. The dog-man continued walking off to the right.

I quickly pulled out two torches and lit them with my magic. I stuck one into the ground for Launa and Rhogar, then took the other and ran after the dog-man, who’d nearly reached the treeline.

Wolf was off into the woods by the time I got to him. I broke through the bushes and leaped up onto his shoulders, waving my dagger and torch at the winged creature hovering over him.

In the torchlight, I could make out the creature attacking him. It was mostly a female human, only with clawed feet and hands, sharp teeth, and feathered wings sprouting out of her back. She wasn’t even a bird-woman, but she could fly! Who made these rules anyways?!

Anyways, she also wasn’t wearing any clothes. She flew away before I could land any blows with my dagger, and Wolf him and ran back towards the rest of the flock. I heard a voice that sounded like Chillia’s cry out in pain. I had to get to them fast.

The cry had come from just beyond the treeline to my left. I rushed past Launa, who had morphed into a dire wolf and was trying to leap up and snag one of the creatures out of the air, barely visible in the light of the torch I’d left.

Chillia was lying on the ground, nearly dead, a short distance into the woods. I knelt down next to her as Launa came bounding up behind me, having finished off the one creature she was fighting. She attacked the one hovering over Chillia as I quickly used a healing spell on her, bringing her back from the brink of death. I cast the spell again as Wolf ran up behind us. Launa drove the last beast back out into the clearing, finishing it off.

We all gathered around the torch I’d planted on the edge of the clearing and tried to make a plan. Two of the creatures had escaped up the cliffs. We have the choice to either go back and warn the village or to follow them to wherever they came from. We settled into a defensive position as we tried to decide.

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