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Ochdus 25 part 2 - Clickety’s Journal

Ochdus 25 part 2 - Clickety’s Journal - Written from The Quarry

After maybe an hour or so after Rhogar left for the quarry, we discussed going after him. It was still only around an hour or two after midday, but after all of the happenings this morning, it sure felt much later.

We decided to split up. Launa and Chillia went to find Rhogar at the quarry, and Securis, Wolf, and I went to apologize to Ergna. Yak was staying in her room for the day, she had some other plan that I wasn’t quite sure about.

Anyways. We left to apologize to Ergna, and the other two went off in the opposite direction to the quarry. The apology didn’t take long, I simply repeated what Launa had told me and then the dog-man quickly but meaningfully threw in a few “We’re so sorry”s. She promptly dismissed us, saying that we should send Rhogar himself to apologize if he had any manners.

We were about an hour behind Launa and Chillia by the time we left from Ergna’s to the quarry. Yak had stayed behind at the Drunken Goat to perform again. Once we caught up with the others at the quarry, we found that Rhogar had discovered something interesting…

It was a feather. And quite a large feather. I plucked a feather out of my arm and handed it to Rhogar to hold them side-by-side. The feather he’d found was a good two-or-three times larger than mine. He proceeded to poke my blue-tipped feather next to the purple one in his hat and slid the long feather carefully back into his pack, like a sword into a sheath.

Rhogar had found the feather on the northern side of the quarry, so we got a bit of firewood and prepared to possibly camp there for the night. Once the workmen started to leave, I climbed a tree within viewing distance of the roadway out of the quarry to watch and make sure that there were no stragglers at risk of disappearing. Were people being snatched up by some giant bird?

A half-hour passed with no problems. After the workers had all left, I started to climb down out of my tree, but I was interrupted by Rhogar. He called up and asked if I wanted to try gliding down, and he offered to stand there and catch me if I couldn’t

I took my opportunity while I had it. It certainly wasn’t a glide, but I gracefully fell down to the ground, glancing off of Rhogar and landing in a roll. So no flying, no gliding. The rest of the flock rushed over when they saw this and tried to make sure we were alright, which we both were. Wolf offered to give me a hug, but in return, I offered him a drink. He declined as always.

He ended up giving a hug to Rhogar, and, while he was giving him a hug, Launa snuck behind Rhogar and reached into his pack. Rhogar noticed and turned around. He checked through his things, finding nothing missing. There was, however, a piece of paper that hadn’t been in there before. He held the bag out to me and asked me to take out the paper in return for using him as a landing pad. I gingerly removed the paper and held it out to Rhogar, slowly unfolding it. I expected some sort of trick to happen, but it just contained a message:

It was cute, I liked it. I don’t think Rhogar liked it quite as much, and he offered to let me keep it, which I expected, which is why I’m leaving it here in my journal.

Anywho, I think we’re just gonna chill here around the campfire and see what happens.

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