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Ochdus 25 - Clickety's Journal

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Ochdus 25 - Clickety's Journal - Written in the Drunken Goat Tavern

This morning we decided to go visit Ergna, the town's "crazy lady." At least, most of us did. Yak and Securis decided they'd look around town to gather info on a missing boy. They made the right choice.

The crazy lady was quite interested in both me and the dog-man. Kept insisting we were cursed. I could be, who knows? It all depends on if Wolf's stick is to be trusted. She also tried to sell me some throat-cure for my strange voice. This was after grabbing my beak and forcing it this way and that, finishing off with opening it up as wide as it would go and examining my throat. I'm not sure how much her cure would've helped, but she seemed to know what she was looking for, I suppose. Launa began to rustle around as Ergna was using her crystal ball to tell us our fortunes. She said, however, it wasn't good at looking into my past, sadly.

Launa ended up touching Ergna's carved owlbear, which had a nasty habit of watching you wherever you went in her hut. It was freaky.

Anyways, Ergna got really mad at this point and almost made us leave, but Launa decided it would be a good idea to just bluntly ask if she could keep looking around. Rhogar butted in and offered to pay Ergna ten gold in return for letting Lana have two minutes to search some stack of papers, and ushered all of us out.

Two minutes later, Rhogar burst through the door and exclaimed that the two minutes we're up. Lana had apparently found what she was looking for, a ring. I guess it was some sort of magic ring. I'm not exactly sure how this part happened next, all I know is Rhogar decided that he wanted this ring (he explained later that he has trouble controlling his greed, being a dragon-man and all that). So he goes up to this lady, who's not even five feet tall, compared to Rogar's seven-something. He then proceeded to grab her by the neck and lift her off the ground.

Wolf and I both rushed through the door. I stumbled on the way in, briefly blocking the doorway. Wolf shouted for him to stop. I used a bit of my magic to magnify my voice as I repeated his shouts. He finally put the poor lady down, and she demanded Launa give her the ring. We have not yet returned to see Ergna.

Just now, a woman burst into the tavern as we were sitting around a table discussing the events of our crazy morning. She was crying out about somebody missing and went to talk to Marcy, the barkeep. This missing person, although older, had a story that roughly matched the missing child case that Yak and Securis had been working on. Both had been in or near the quarry alone at the time of their disappearance. Had two people simply ran off at nearly the same time or was there something more sinister aloof in Greystone? Perhaps it was even the work of monsters and would be relevant to our mission.

Rhogar offered to go to the quarry to check and see if an overnight stay could be arranged. I think he might have just been wanting to escape all of the angry glances being cast his way by our flock. Poor guy. I almost offered to go with him, but I suppose these creatures need time alone to cope. Odd creatures. I guess he can't be blamed too harshly; we all have our problems. *I cast a downward glance at my flask pocket* Oh well. No regrets here. Quarry campout tonight!

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