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Ochdus 24th - Clickety's Journal

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Ochdus 24 - Clickety's Journal - Written in the Drunken Goat Tavern

So we reached Greystone yesterday and each went off our own way. The dog-man Wolf and I went out to find a church. The dog-man was hoping for lodging due to his faith-career and I was hoping for an organ to learn and mimic. I'm still not exactly sure what an organ sounds like, but Yak thinks this is a good idea.

We found the church fairly easily. It was shaped like the churches we'd seen in Folkscrest, only smaller. It was only one room, so no lodging for the dog-man.

We were on our way out of the church when I was struck by an idea. On the trip to Greystone, someone had pointed out the possibility that I could've glided off of the cliff and fallen to the road where they found me. The road where they found me was only a two-or-three-day's journey from the cliffs, so it's not too much of a stretch to have glided that far. My beak had also been firmly shoved into the dirt road from what my flock had said. I'd been lying facedown. My idea: the church building looked tall enough. I planned on climbing it and gliding off the top. This decision had nothing to do with the particularly strong drink Yak had bought me when we arrived.

I circled around to the back of the building, not telling Wolf the idea. He followed me, of course, but I leaped up before he could respond. Unfortunately, I miscalculated my leap and slipped off of loose stone in the wall. All of the buildings here in Greystone are made of stone. Makes you wonder why they called it Greystone. Well, I landed pretty hard on my back. Wolf was quite confused. I rounded the building to the side wall, where there was another area that looked fairly climbable. I told Wolf that I was climbing up in order to look around and gather in our surroundings, but he still stopped me.

He let slip that he knew something about my kind. The bird-men. I suppose they're actually called the Kenku. They cannot fly, which I had already found out, and we'd apparently originated within the astral plane of air--the air plane--and then were banished here as a punishment. No wonder I didn't fit in at all with these creatures.

Wolf claimed that he knew these things because the stick had told him. Wolf has a stick that he talks to. He claims it to be 1500 years old and wanting a body. I'm not sure what to think about a stick, but I sure would like to talk to it. It only ever talks to Wolf though, never to us. It's sad, the stick makes a lot of comments that Wolf says are too coarse to repeat. He's a bit of a, let's just say, a goody-two-shoes. I picked up that expression from a few kids in Folkscrest talking about their friend. It means someone who's too good for their own good. I don't even wear shoes and do not fully understand the concept.

Anyways. We returned to the tavern and I excitedly, or well, drunkenly relayed the information Wolf's stick had given me to Yak, who just sort of nodded enthusiastically.

After the crowds began to show up for the night, I colored the torches with a bit of my magic, casting eerie glows around the room. Yak began a spooky song, but soon after the flames wore back to their original orange she switched it up to some wonderful drinking songs. The atmosphere in The Drunken Goat was wonderful, and she split her tips with me. She also split her room with me, as I don't sleep in beds, I just perch. I don't understand how anyone could sleep lying down.

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