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Ochdus 23rd - Clickety's Journal

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Ochdus 25 - Clickety's Journal - Written in the Drunken Goat Tavern

So I figured I should probably write some of this down. This whole memory loss thing has thrown me a bit. My name can’t really be translated into this language. It’s the sound of the rattle of my necklace. My flock has taken to calling me Clickity. It’s quite the odd flock. We have a dragon-man, a dog-man, a dark elf, a halfling girl, a human woman, and a half-orc. We had a demon-girl, but she went missing. Presumed dead sadly. The flock moved on without mourning much at all. It was all quite strange. She was a “rogue,” and this seemed to be a lesser member in the flock, not worth grieving. I don’t know. I’ve given up on understanding the brains of these strange creatures.

Oh well. We were in this interesting place called Folkscrest. They called it a city. It’s like a village but so much bigger and more crowded. I didn’t like it much, but it gave me the chance to learn some great words! I mean. I already knew the words, I just can’t make the noise without hearing it first. I can write just fine. Obviously.

Anyways. We were in this Folkscrest place and were hired by this man named Kerdaniel. He hired my flock to go search the mountains to the Northwest for monsters. Apparently, I’d just missed a giant attack on the city. Freaky.

Not too much happened in Folkscrest. There was a shared nightmare with our flock once, and this whole heist thing, but that’s that. Probably shouldn’t talk much about it. Bloody Reginald might read over my shoulder. Who does he think he is, just showing up like that and vanishing whenever he sees fit. People think I’m weird too, I don’t hide. I even have a spell that would allow me to pretend to be normal for an hour, but I don’t flaunt it like he flaunts his vanishing acts!

We left from Folkscrest. And reached Northlocke within the day. We went straight to the tavern. I like Yak, she buys me drinks. The dog-man joined us briefly before we left Folkscrest. I believe he’s becoming a member of the flock now though.

We’ve now reached Greystone, where I think we will stay for a short while. The first thing Yak did was get me some of the strongest drink in their tavern, “The Drunken Goat.” How awesome is that?!

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