• Yasmin (Yak) Kalliwort

More New Friends

Ochdus 11th

The Trodder Inn, Folkscrest

Sent with hired swords

Dear Mema,

I hope my letters are getting to you, I have such a hard time finding people headed to the halfling villages. Just in case they haven’t, here is a quick run-down;

I’m traveling with the warriors I found in Maplelight. Gerron stayed behind to help with the legion. We have three new companions!

On our way to Folkscrest we were ambushed by goblins on the road. We fought alongside two strangers, and decided to keep them! Securis is a short and strong half-orc. She is a seasoned warrior who carries a massive warhammer. (Rhogar didn’t even know she was a she) her companion is Chillia, a dark elf magic user. Chillia isn’t much of one for talking, but she can make dancing lights while I perform, my tips have never been better!

We were just cresting the hill into Wildloch Valley when we saw smoke coming from Folkscrest. Hill Giants! I counted eight, there may have been more. Our little group took down two of them! Launa thinks it’s odd to see them attacking in groups against a well fortified city. We believe that someone organized this attack, but still no guesses as to who.

We found work with a Sir Matren Kerdaniel. He hired us to clean giant spiders out of his family’s iron mine in Arelate, but mentioned he may have a job investigating the giant attack. All went well until we almost lost Kai. I’m very thankful for that healing spell you taught me.

On our way back from Arelate, we found a traveler face-down on the road. I rolled him over to see if he was breathing, and was shocked to see feathers and a beak! (He’s about four feet tall, and it’s hard to tell if he’s a man-bird or a bird-man.) When he came to, he couldn’t speak at all, but as he heard us talking he repeated what we said. Not in his voice, mind you, but in our voices! He perfectly mimics any sound he hears! Although he can’t seem to make new sounds. We managed to find out he has some sort of amnesia. When we asked his name he shook his necklace. We tried to guess, and he shook it more aggressively. Maybe his kind don’t see a difference between words and sounds? As a group, we have dubbed him ‘Clickety’. He has some training in healing magic. Launa and I think he was likely the healer of his group (flock?) and thus had no one to attend to him when he hit his head (or got too drunk, or both. He’s very attached to his flask)

Sir Matren asked for a group name he could give to the Folkscrest council. We have decided on ‘Ale, Arms, and Attitude’ (otherwise known as Triple A). I guess we are an official group now. He is sending us North to Greystone to see in any other towns have had creature attacks. I’ll write again when we arrive

Best wishes,


P.S. Do you know what a humuculous is? I'm not sure, but Kerdaniel sent us with one. His name is Reginald. He can communicate with Kerdaniel telepathically. I think he's cute! He likes strawberries, but not Clickety.

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