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Dungeon of Rufex Part 3 - Date Unknown - Clickety’s Journal

Dungeon of Rufex Part 3 - Date Unknown - Clickety’s Journal - Written from the roadside.

The dragon-man was almost dying with anticipation as we approached the chest-door. Inside of it wasn't just a massive chest… the entire room was massive. It was as if we'd stepped into the world of mice. We passed back and forth through the doorway a few times, trying to get our bearings. Everything in the room was enormous but us, but when we stepped back through the doorway, everything was normal-sized. Even the door would change sizes when we passed through it. Trippy.

Rhogar wanted to break through the chest and figure out what was inside. Securis was all for this idea, but we had no clue as to how thick the chest was. We, instead, decided to have Securis throw a grapple up to the keyhole and send Trym and Yak up to see if they could fit inside. They squeezed in through the keyhole and vanished.

Trym reappeared and asked for another rope so they could climb down to whatever was inside… They wouldn't tell us what, for Rhogar’s sake.

After a little bit of time, a floating hand appeared holding a crystal similar to the ones from the pedestal room. Right behind it were Trym and Yak. They shimmied down the rope and the crystal dropped into Trym’s hands. We took it across to the pedestal room and placed it on the third pedestal.

When we peeked out into the main room, there were three lit red runes above the four-rune door. Only one to go.

We headed over to the doorway with two lines. One was straight horizontal, and the other one underneath it was jagged. Inside were three floating islands, hovering over an abyss. The walls seemed to curve out into nothingness, as did the ceiling and floor. It was quite odd, there was no way magic wasn’t involved.

Launa took her staff and poked down into the abyss. It definitely wasn't just an illusion, because she could poke down into the darkness. I lowered my grappling hook down, trying to gauge its depth, but it hit nothing. I hit my 50 feet of rope and gave up. It was really deep.

We could barely see across the three floating islands to the other side, but there we could faintly see a lever on another platform like the one we were on.

The dog-man threw his grappling hook and nabbed the island, trying to pull it towards us. It wouldn't budge. So we decided to send Wolf, Securis, and Trym across.

We sent Trym because she was small and nimble, and Securis and Wolf were to throw and anchor the grappling hooks.

Now, this is where things got confusing and there was a lot of yelling back and forth between the island and the main platform. We finally devised a convoluted system of getting all three of the climbers across to the third island using the grappling hooks and ropes that we had, and finally, the yelling stopped.

There was nowhere for the grapple to anchor on the lever platform, so we were stumped for a little bit. We ended up deciding to- after a lot of yelling back and forth between platforms, to have Trym anchored with a rope and thrown across by Wolf. She didn't make it and fell down into the abyss, luckily getting caught by the rope. Securis took a shot at throwing her across, and she made it.

Once the lever on the other side was pulled, we peeked back into the main room to see that the fourth red rune above the door was glowing, and eight runes glowing on the giant clock. Wolf and Securis reeled Trym back in and made their way back across. By the time we all rushed out towards the opposite door, there were nine runes lit on the floor.

We passed through the four-rune door and into another room. It was empty.

Suddenly, confetti rained down and a spiral staircase started descending from the ceiling. "Congratulations!" the mysterious voice boomed out, "You have completed the first floor of the Dungeon of Rufex!”

I began to hastily write down everything that had happened. We decided not to ascend the staircase until we'd figured more out. I didn't finish my entry before we woke up back on the road where we had been. Securis and Chillia had appeared along with us, but Wolf was gone. We've taken a bit of time to gather our strength after the trying ordeal, none of our injuries appeared, but it was still pretty tiring. Most of my memory of it all is fading fast, but my journal entries from in the room are still here. How peculiar…

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