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Dungeon of Rufex Part 2 - Date Unknown - Clickety’s Journal

Dungeon of Rufex Part 2 - Date Unknown - Clickety’s Journal - Written from a mysterious room.

Our plan was simple and straightforward: Smash the statue. Securis looked very excited as she readied her hammer.

The halflings veered off to the right while I stayed by the doorway with Wolf, who was pretty badly damaged. The rest of the flock rushed straight towards the statue. Rhogar shot his longbow, breaking a chunk of stone from it. It sprung to life and rushed forward at the approaching attackers.

Yak began to yell insults at the statue, some sort of bard magic. “Hey, Stone-face!” she cried out, distracting it as Launa, still in her Dire Wolf form, pounced on it, knocking it right over.

Rhogar and Trym run to the statue. Rhogar jumps up and sits on its head while Trym climbs up to its chest and pries at the crystal embedded in it with her dagger. I was standing ready with Magic Missile in case things went sideways.

The statue managed to get back to its feet and swung wildly at Rhogar and Trym, but missed both. Yak was still shouting insults from a safe distance, “Your mother was a dirty pebble! I skipped her across a pond!” She got out her crossbow and shot at it along with the yelling, taking another chunk out of the stone.

Launa pounced at the statue again, knocking it back down. Trym climbed on top of its chest and pried at the crystal again, but fell off. Rhogar leaped up and planted his feet on the statue’s face, jamming his dagger underneath the crystal, finally popping it out. The statue ground to a halt, frozen.

Rhogar jumped down from on top of the statue and grabbed the gem, taking it back into the pedestal room. Everyone but the halflings and me followed him. We stayed behind and graffitied the statue with a silly mustache and glasses.

By the time we got out to the crystal room, the crystal from the statue had been placed on a pedestal and was feeding more energy into the orb. We moved on to check out the doorway to the right of the pedestal room, with a vial-shaped rune above it.

Inside of the vial room was a table full of glass brewing instruments. To the left were shelves full of jars of ingredients and to the right was a chair with a skeleton seated in it.

There was a plaque above the chair that I couldn’t read. Only Rhogar and Trym could read it. Trym told us that it read: “Feed me the potion of life.”

Launa, of course, went for the table full of instruments, which also had a book on it. Launa could not read the book. It was in the same language as the plaque. Trym found a recipe for a potion of life, right next to a potion of death. She used a spell to project a translation of the recipe into the air for Launa and Chillia, who started to look for ingredients. I did the best I could to help them with my Guidance spell.

Once they found all the ingredients, Launa set to work on making the potions. Yak and Securis left to investigate the rug room since we hadn’t checked out the two doorways in it.

Yak and Securis came back and told us about the two doorways in the rug room. The one to the left had a circular rune with an odd design, and, when they peeked their head through, they could see four braziers offset to the corners of the room. The other doorway had a chest-shaped rune above it, and when they peeked their head inside, there was a giant treasure chest. They made sure Rhogar didn’t hear about the giant chest.

Launa accidentally used the wrong ingredient at the wrong time while making her potion, but there was just enough left over for her to start it over. This time I used my Guidance spell to assist her. With Chillia’s and my help, it took about an hour and a half to finish the potion.

We decided to tie up the skeleton before giving it the potion, just in case.

Securis readied her hammer as Launa poured the potion into the skeleton’s mouth. It ran down its jaw and ribs, landing on the chair. A sigh escaped from the skeleton’s mouth, but there was no more response than that.

We waited a few minutes, but still, nothing happened. We untied the skeleton and waited some more. Still nothing, so we just returned to the main room. There were 5 runes lit on the timekeeping floor, and one of the runes on the door with the four runes was glowing red.

We ventured into the room with the braziers next to the rug room next. Each brazier had a symbol on it. Nobody could quite tell what they meant, so Yak cast Comprehend Languages and read them out for us: “Fire, Water, Air, and Earth”

Trym lit the “Fire” brazier with a torch. Securis went and poured water from her water skin on the “Water” brazier. Rhogar gathered some dust from the stone floor and poured it over the “Earth” brazier. And Wolf went and began to blow on the “Air” brazier. It’s amazing how well our flock works together… at times.

As soon as all four of these things had happened, lights appeared up towards the ceiling of the room in a circle. They began to spin. They sped up to the point where they were spinning so fast that they looked like a ring. We rushed back out to the main room, where there was a second red rune glowing above the 4-rune door. Then we headed back into the rug room and to the right, for the chest-shaped rune doorway.

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