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Dungeon of Rufex - Date Unkown - Clickety’s Journal

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Dungeon of Rufex - Date Unknown - Clickety’s Journal - Written from a mysterious room.

We all woke up in this strange room. A loud, booming voice welcomed us to the “Dungeon of Rufex.” The room was made of stone and seemed to be a cube of 40 feet. The voice continued to tell us that we’d be playing for prizes and that we had to escape within 12 hours. A rune to in front of us on the floor began to glow. There were eleven other runes like it in a circle around the room. Launa says it’s a clock.

There are doorways on each side of the room. The one in front of us had 4 runes on top of it. The one behind us had a straight line on top of a jagged line. The one to our right had two parallel lines. And the one to the left had a gem-shaped rune.

The first thing Yak does, of course, is slap me then ask if I could feel it. I could.

All of our group was in the room, but there was another we did not know. She was a halfling a bit shorter than Yak. She introduced herself as Trym. Wolf, of course, jumps on introducing both himself and Zero, his stick. Securis tells Trym to ignore the crazy one.

After introductions are had, Yak asks “what’s with the doors.” They aren’t really doors per se, they’re doorways that instantly fade off to darkness, like a curtain of shadow was placed in them.

Rhogar poked his sword through the doorway with the four runes. It hit a wall. He tried with his hand with the same result.

Trym poked her head into the room with the two parallel lines, announcing that there was a rug and two other doorways inside the room. Trym and Yak walked right through it with no problem.

Wolf checked out the room with the straight and jagged lines and informed us that there was a bunch of floaty things inside.

Wolf just walked right through the door with the gem rune, and Rhogar followed behind him from the other door.

I followed along behind Trym and Yak, who left through the doorway into the rug room. By the time I got through the doorway, I nearly ran into Trym, who was out of breath from sprinting back from the center of the room. The rug was rolled up and flopping around on the floor. I ask Trym what’s wrong.

“The rug’s got Yak!” she cried, and I rushed towards it. I cast Burning Hands before reaching it, sending a burst of fire at it. “Did that hurt you, Yak?” I called out. I could hear her muffled cursing from inside the rug. So yes it did, I suppose. I felt around the rug, trying to find where Yak was. Then, I stabbed at the rug where I thought I could hit it without catching Yak. Trym and Launa came up behind me. Trym slashed at the rug while Launa grabbed at it and attempted to unfurl it from around Yak.

Finally, the rug unrolled, releasing Yak’s unconscious body then springing up and engulfing Trym. I rushed to Yak and cast a healing spell on her while Launa tried to untangle Trym.

Once Yak was back on her feet we rushed to help Trym. I tried to stab at the rug but missed as it squirmed around on the ground. I cast a healing word at Trym.

Launa managed to unravel Trym from the rug, but it turned right around and engulfed her. I went at it with both daggers, and both landed. Yak and Trym also both landed blows with their short swords and daggers. A growling emitted from the rug.

Suddenly, we were all knocked backward as Launa, in Dire Wolf form, sprung out from the rug, tearing it to shreds in her mighty teeth.

We meet back up in the center room where we all woke up, Launa barely managed to squeeze through the doorway in her Dire Wolf form. The other half of our team had gone through the doorway with the gem rune. They had gone, from there, through a doorway to the left with a man-shaped rune above it. They had found a stone statue with a gem embedded in its chest. A living stone statue with a gem embedded in its chest. It had backhanded Wolf, nearly killing him. We rushed through the gem doorway, into a room with four pedestals, one in the center and three others around it. One of the smaller pedestals had a crystal that seemed to feed energy into an orb on the center pedestal. We rushed into the pedestal room but decided to stop and make a plan before just rushing into the doorway with the man-shaped rune.

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