• Yasmin (Yak) Kalliwort

Dungeon of Rufex

Ochdus 28th

Roadside camp


Dear Mema,

This is the second group dream we have had. We were walking down the road when everything got kind of fuzzy. I woke up with a start in the middle of a large room. A thundering voice told us we were in some sort of ‘game’ that we had twelve hours to complete. He called it the Dungeon of Rufex.

I stood up to stretch and take a headcount. I saw Launa do the same. I was still kind of dizzy and nauseous, almost like when I fell out of the big oak tree back home. I thought maybe I was dreaming, and slapped Clickety. He was offended and told me I should slap myself to check that. He seemed much more spazzy than usual. I reassured him that none of us remember getting here, he is very worried that he may lose memories again. Rhogar was on the ground complaining. I saw Wolf standing to Launa’s right, rubbing his forehead and keeping his tail between his legs. Securis helped Chillia to her feet. Securis and Chillia! They are here too?

Right behind them, there was a small figure I didn’t recognize. She stood up very confused. A halfling! Right away I asked who she was, and if she brought us here. She drew two short swords and asked me the same. Launa came over, silenced our arguing, and asked her one or two questions. She announced to the group we could trust her. I have heard of spells that determine truth. I don’t know if Launa has one, but with her death glare she probably doesn’t need it.

Her name is Trym. She is a thief from a halfling village I have never heard of. She is actually quite friendly. She stood in awe for a moment as a grumbling Rhogar rose his full seven feet off of the ground, torchlight flickering on his golden scales. She whispered over that she had never seen a dragonborn, all she knew is that they always had a lot of gold. I whispered in halfling that he certainly does, and next time he sleeps we should definitely check his bag.

As we got acquainted, the rest of the group began arguing over our best course of action. There were four doors in this room. All had a black ‘curtain’ over the doorway. We could look through, or walk in and out, but each room was isolated. You couldn’t shout to or provide light one room to the next. There were runes above each door, and we checked each briefly to see what was inside.

The North door was blocked. There are four circles above it, carved into the stone. The East door was an empty room with a rug. The South was an open, seemingly bottomless room with floating islands. The west had a glass ball and three crystal stands; only one crystal.

While the bickering continued, me and Trym went to check out the rug, it seemed like the least likely to kill us. We were wrong. We walked in and noticed two more doors, like the others, an odd circle rune to the north, and a chest rune to the south.

Out of curiosity, we decided to move the rug. It immediately came to life and wrapped around me! I tried to lace my insults with magic, but they had no effect on the rug. I thought I heard clickety’s mix of voices, and some shouts from Trym. all else was a blur. I felt flame and blades attacking the rug, injuring me in the process. As it squeezed out the last bit of air, I felt everything go dark.

I woke to continued shouts, and clickety kneeling over me, palms still glowing with healing magic. Trym was attacking the rug which now seemed to be wrapped around a taller figure. We tried to break it’s prisoner free, without hurting them. The rug paused, shuddered, and tore down the middle as a huge direwolf emerged ripping and tearing at the remaining shreds with wild abandon. Launa is such a badass.

We hurried back to the main room to find the others. Whatever this ‘game’ is, it can hurt us. We should stick together, and try to find a way out. Securis was in the main room waiting for us. She said the others went in to mess with the crystals in the west doorway. As we entered, I noticed two more doors, a stick figure man above the North door, and a potion rune to the south.

Rhogar, Chillia, and Launa (still a direwolf) went into the north room to scout. After a few moments of silence, they came rushing back out, tripping over each other in the process. Rhogar explained through gasping breaths that there was a statue with another crystal in it’s chest. When he tried to pry it out, the statue came to life! We decided to go in together and take it out!

It must have looked so cool as we charged in. A massive direwolf flanked by a dragonborn and a half orc with teeth bared and weapons drawn, closely followed by two hooded magic users, a halfling with more blades than clothes, and me playing the golem to rout. Me and Trym ran off to the right as Launa pounced knocking the 10 foot tall golem prone, her claws casting sparks as they scraped across the golem’s face. Me and Rhogar fired arrows that barely nicked the stone. Securis swung her hammer and missed, and Chillia used some arcane spell that had little effect.

These attacks were getting us nowhere. Trym and her thief’s instincts went straight for our prize, and attempted to pry the gem from it’s massive chest. Rhogar saw this and immediately put the bow away and went for the golem with his blade. I sheathed the crossbow, and used my harp-guitar, lacing the off notes to ring in the golem’s ears, making it harder for him to hit my companions. He struggled to his feet, and Launa took a punch to the ribs. She yelped and growled and jumped again at his shoulders, knocking him back. As soon as he hit the ground, Rhogar and Trym both pried on the crystal, forcing it from the socket. As the crystal rang on the stone floor, the golem froze in place, no longer grasping at the direwolf. Everyone took a moment to breathe and wipe sweat from their faces. As the rest left the room with the crystal, me and Trym used my face paint to vandalize the golem.

We completed the other challenges as a group. The potion room had a recipe that we made and gave to a skeleton. The North door of the main room had one rune lit when we came back.

The room behind odd circle rune had four braziers, each corresponding to an element (earth, fire, water, and air). We gave each what it required, and found another rune lit on the blocked door.

The room with the chest rune was massive (or made us really small) and had a chest in it so big, that Trym climbed into it through the keyhole. She came back down with the last crystal. We placed it in the last stand, and found a third rune lit over the blocked door.

Finally we went to the floating islands where Wolf, Securis, and Trym crossed the other islands one at a time, and found a lever on the other side. After we pulled it, we went out to the main room to find all four runes lit above the door.

It now allowed us through to a room on the other side with a staircase. The voice boomed ‘congratulations! You have now completed the first floor of the Dungeon of Rufex!’

We immediately woke up on the road where we had left. Securis and Chillia were now with us, but Wolf was not. I’m really getting sick of these magic people using us as pawns. I guess for now we just continue on the path at hand, and hope we find Wolf before we have to return to Kerdaniel.


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