• Yasmin (Yak) Kalliwort

Leaving Home

Seachus 13th 1684

Dear Mema

I’m sorry to leave like this, but I hate saying goodbye. I’ve caused a lot of trouble recently with the magic I learned from you and my friends. Between the ‘flying tankard’ incident and my ballads learned from human travelers, I’m not sure Itaonoki can handle much more of me.

Mother and Father have decided that either I quit hanging out with the neighborhood gnomes and ‘be a respectful halfling’, or I can leave. I have chosen the latter. Mrs. Dewberry says I’m ‘bound to be a Baggins’ (whatever that is), and I plan to prove her right! Plus old Mr. Dewberry may or may not be around in the morning looking for me. Just remember that the flowers were outside the fence, and I had no way of knowing they were his.

I’m taking a few belongings, and your old harp guitar. I don’t have much in the way of professional skills, but I can sing and play. The gnomes Ermin and Zanzu gave me a few of their enchanted toys which I will sell. It should be just enough for some worn out armor and some bolts for my little crossbow. I will go to Folkscrest through Toinreike, playing in any tavern I find along the way. You taught me well, and with any luck, I may become a well known bard like you! On the road I will be using my nickname ‘Yak’, tell me if any news comes back home!

I will write soon.

Best wishes,

your favorite granddaughter,


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