• Yasmin (Yak) Kalliwort


Ochdus 24th

Drunken Goat Tavern, Greystone

Held to send later

Dear Mema,

We arrived at Greystone around midday today. It was a long, uphill walk. We’re slowly leaving behind the open Wildlocke valley, and entering hills and jagged cliffs. We heard the birds overhead singing a melancholy song as their journey south began. Clickety tried to sing along. Apparently the only ‘bird call’ he has is a drunken man’s voice imitating a bird. I told Reginald to stay out of sight before we came into town. We came through the gates without any questions from the guards (quite unusual considering how much we stand out).

This place is amazing! The buildings are almost entirely made of stone! Some are intricate dwarven stonework, others are more crude, like piles of rock held up by logs. Some even look like they were carved from the mountain itself!

The population is mostly dwarven and human. A few halflings in the mix, but not many. I’m starting to miss Kai. Did I tell you she was gone? Probably not. I hadn’t really accepted it until we left for Greystone.

Kai caught wind that an old ‘friend’ was in town. We managed to track him down by undertaking a… less than legal… job in Folkscrest. Remember a few years back, when you had me try to get into dad’s liquor chest? I talked you out of it because I didn’t know how good my lockpicking skills were. They suck. Don’t ask.

Back to Kai. She greeted her companion by throwing a knife in his general direction, He ran, and she chased him down a back alley. We have not seen or heard of either of them since. I asked around, and left some rumors for others, and we set out. I wish we had her knack for sneaking around, but I’m glad we didn’t bring a teifling for this adventure.

We made our way to the tavern and paid for rooms for the night. Marcy, the barkeep, was very kind, and also permitted me to play for the night. Clickety and I are working on a possible light show using his magic with flames!

I decided to spend the rest of the day gathering rumors and such. We have a missing person, a town ‘crazy lady’ and talk of ogres to the North. I only have one lead, and that is for the missing boy. I’ll see what everyone else is doing in the morning.

Best wishes,


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